Built by Growers, For Growers

After seven years of successful trading, the grower owned and operated Co-operative has voluntarily ceased trading, effective 30 June 2018.

Formed in 2010 in a response to grower demand for transparent, cost effective grain marketing services, the Co-operative built a high quality business serving more than 2000 Australian growers and more than 500 members.

AGG Co-op Chair Mr Richard Konzag said the Board were incredibly proud of what the Co-op achieved, but recognised that due to changes in market conditions and structure, coupled with declining membership, the time to cease trading had come.

“Built by Growers for Growers, AGG Co-op provided competitive, and innovative, grain marketing services which helped growers through the market deregulation transition. The business served great purpose, delivering on its original mandate of maturing the market, offering new structured selling programs and a range of competitive cash programs,” he said.